Online Meeting

Online Meeting

openGauss community uses WeLink, IRC and other channels to conduct online meeting.

openGauss community organizations can choose different channels to carry out online meeting. For details, please see the introduction of each community organization meeting.

Organization MeetingScope of Organization Responsibility
TCTC is in charge of technical guidance, decision-making, and supervision.
SIG SQLEngineDevelop and maintain the SQL engines of the openGauss community.
SIG StorageEngineDevelop and maintain the storage engine of the openGauss community.
SIG ConnectorsDevelop and maintain the connectors of the openGauss community.
SIG ToolsDevelop and maintain the tools of the openGauss community.
SIG DocsDevelop and maintain the documents of the openGauss community.
SIG InfraDevelop and maintain the infrastructure of the openGauss community.
SIG IoTDevelop and maintain the IoT of the openGauss community.
SIG In-place UpdateDevelop and maintain the in-place update of the openGauss community.
SIG AIDevelop and maintain the AI of the openGauss community.
GISDevelop and maintain the Geographic Information System of the openGauss community.
CloudNativeDevelop and maintain the Cloud Native of the openGauss community.
SecurityTechnologyDevelop and maintain the database security technology of the openGauss community.

The WeLink meeting is held by audio and video, and the meeting records can be saved by recording.

2. IRC Meeting

IRC meeting is held in plain text. The IRC meeting channel of openGauss community is (。 You can find all of channels and meeting records from IRC Channel Logs.

2.1 Useful Commands of IRC Meeting

All IRC meeting commands use the # character as the prefix. The useful commands include:


Start a meeting. The calling IRC nick becomes the chair.

Example: #startmeeting infra


Set the current topic of discussion, and all of the topics will be highlighted at the end of the meeting.

Example: #topic next release time


End current meeting, the meeting bot will save records and give links of the meeting records.

Example: #endmeeting


Provide IRC nicks of people involved and the action items. The action items will be sorted by IRC nick at the end of the meeting.

Example: #action MrGreen organize release plan


Highlight a record in a meeting.

Example: #info We need much effort before the next release


Add a link record. The URL will be properly detected within the line in most cases, and the URL can’t contain spaces.

Example: #link [MeetBot](


It means that the participants reached a certain conclusion, and the command is followed by the conclusion. The meeting bot will record the conclusion in the meeting minutes.

Example: #agreed next release time is sunday