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gs_dbmind component xtuner --help


usage:  [-h] [--db-name DB_NAME] [--db-user DB_USER] [--port PORT]
                 [--host HOST] [--host-user HOST_USER]
                 [--host-ssh-port HOST_SSH_PORT] [-f DB_CONFIG_FILE]
                 [-x TUNER_CONFIG_FILE] [-v]

X-Tuner: a self-tuning tool integrated by openGauss.

positional arguments:
                        Train a reinforcement learning model or tune database
                        by model. And also can recommend best_knobs according
                        to your workload.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -f DB_CONFIG_FILE, --db-config-file DB_CONFIG_FILE
                        You can pass a path of configuration file otherwise
                        you should enter database information by command
                        arguments manually. Please see the template file
  -x TUNER_CONFIG_FILE, --tuner-config-file TUNER_CONFIG_FILE
                        This is the path of the core configuration file of the
                        X-Tuner. You can specify the path of the new
                        configuration file. The default path is xtuner.conf.
                        You can modify the configuration file to control the
                        tuning process.
  -v, --version         show program's version number and exit

Database Connection Information:
  --db-name DB_NAME     The name of database where your workload running on.
  --db-user DB_USER     Use this user to login your database. Note that the
                        user must have sufficient permissions.
  --port PORT           Use this port to connect with the database.
  --host HOST           The IP address of your database installation host.
  --host-user HOST_USER
                        The login user of your database installation host.
  --host-ssh-port HOST_SSH_PORT
                        The SSH port of your database installation host.

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