【Shanghai】openGauss Developer Bootcamp

2020/09/25 openGauss

Boopcamp introduction

This forum includes keynode sessions and interactive activities. We will invite openGauss community evangelist Li Sihao and openGauss chief architect Tian Wengang to share with you about the impact of hardware upgrades on the development of open source databases and the technical aspects of openGausss. This event will start with an online live stream and set up mutiple rounds of prize draw. We will be obliged for your participant.


Sep 25, 2020 13:30-15:30


Room 610+611, Expo Centre, Shanghai

Live address

Boopcamp agenda

Session 1: How did the evolution of hardware impact on the development of opensource database?

Intro: Since the birth of database, the development of hardware has been driving the evolution of database technology. Current hardware technic such as heterogeneous computing, non-volatile memory and RDMA high-speed networks will be readily accessible. This topic will decipher the major impact of new hardware technologies on open source databases from architecture to key technologies.

Guest: Li Sihao the founder of openGauss community、member of the Data Committee of the China National Computing Association、expert of Gauss Dep, 2012 Lab, Huawei.

Session 2: History of the implementation of openGauss in practice

Intro: The evolution of the technic in openGauss will be introduced through the implementation in practice.

Guest: Tian Wengang the chief expert of openGauss community、director of C-TMG in Huawei DB、with 16-year experience in database development.

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