Migrate your Database to openGauss through CloudsBrain


Click2Cloud, as a collaborator and contributor of openGauss, its product CloudsBrain integrated openGauss last month, which can safely and quickly migrate data from other platforms to openGauss.

Enterprises wants to get rid of licensing cost. Licensing cost of commercial database is much high when relate to managing the databases. That is why enterprises are adapting to migrate their closed source database workload to an open source database. And openGauss as an open source database is a good choice.

Benefits for migrating to openGauss via CloudsBrain

  • Since openGauss is an open-source relational database which enables the developer to modify the code for free and add any feature and when needed.

  • openGauss provides full stage data protection, security, and better performance to enhance business productivity.

  • Fully automated migration to avoid manual efforts and errors.

  • No additional licensing and support cost.

  • Seamless data migration with user-friendly UI.

openGauss as a database provides multi language support, scalability, application programming, authentication, extensibility localization, high performance, and security to the data.

How to migrate your database to openGauss?

Click2cloud is an early collaborator and contributor with openGauss. Hence, it will help us with assess, migrate and connect database applications from other database to openGauss via CloudsBrain and it is secure, fast, authentic without the need of any programming from the user.

Click2cloud partnership with openGauss leads and users to perform migration with few clicks and without any modification in the code. Just need three simple steps like assessment, migration and application connection.

You can start migration by selecting one database as source and in any open source database as destination , which can be an on premise or a cloud database. User can also download the log files, the PDF and filter the database type as for their requirements.

For more updates on database modernization, stay tuned with click to : https://www.click2cloud.com/open-gauss.php