openGauss Officially Release Version 2.0.0


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openGauss 2.0.0 is the first release version by the openGauss community. While the version 2.0.0 is compatible with the previous version, it also adds many new features, especially in the construction of high performance, high security and intelligence.

Kunpeng NUMA architecture optimization to achieve industry-leading performance

openGauss2P4PDegree Of Linearity
After Architecture Optimization150230150%

4P Kunpeng's performance has reached 2.3 million tpmC (transaction per minute, which is widely used in the industry to measure the transaction processing capacity of computer system), reaching the linearity of 1.5 times. The single machine TP performance keeps leading in the industry. At the same time, it also proves that openGauss is enough to support the new core business system scenario in the financial industry.

  • According to the characteristics of Kunpeng processor's multi-core NUMA architecture, openGauss has carried out a series of optimizations. On the one hand, it reduces the delay of cross core memory access, on the other hand, it gives full play to the advantages of Kunpeng multi accounting, and greatly improves the processing performance of transaction load system through key technologies such as log lock free parallel insertion, SQL ByPass and dynamic pruning.

  • openGauss is based on the architecture used by Kunpeng 920. It uses LSE extended instruction set to achieve efficient atomic operation and effectively improve CPU utilization, thus improving the performance of inter thread synchronization and xlog writing.

  • openGauss implements hot data access optimization based on L3 CacheLine provided by Kunpeng 920, effectively improves cache access hit rate, reduces cache consistency maintenance overhead, and greatly improves the overall data access performance of the system.

Fully secret and AI features, leading the new direction of database development

Break through the key technology of ciphertext query and calculation of pure soft data, and provide a full dense retrieval scheme with better performance
  • The performance degradation of fully dense data processing (including data dense insertion, update and expression equivalent filtering) is less than 5%.

  • openGauss is used for the implementation of the secret equivalent query, which comprehensively promotes the implementation of the full secret technology standard industry, and opens the secret computing ecology.

Strengthen the database self-tuning and self diagnosis ability of AI4DB, and break through the machine learning mechanism in the original database of DB4AI
  • Index recommendation

    It can effectively solve more than 90% of slow queries caused by improper index configuration; 60% of SQL statements in tpc-ds benchmark dataset can achieve different degrees of performance improvement.

  • Monitoring and anomaly detection

    Compared with manual on call, the efficiency of problem discovery is twice as high, and the problem recall rate under manual fault injection scenario is more than 90% on TPC-C benchmark data set.

  • MADLib compatible

    Support 60+ MADLib ecological algorithm.

Add a lot of enterprise features, continue to build openGauss database competitiveness

  • Simplified Installation

    The Simplified Installation does not contain cluster management tools, provides binary files of the database kernel, can quickly start the database instance, simple installation and configuration, suitable for individual developers.

  • Delayed standby databases

    Delays the time for a standby node to replay XLOG records, compared with the primary node.

  • Logical replication of standby nodes

    Supports logical decoding on a standby node,this can reduce host pressure.

  • Enhanced capacity expansion tool

    Optimizes the scale-out tool to support online scale-out without interrupting services and allows the standby node to be scaled out as a cascaded standby node.

  • Gray upgrade

    Optimizes the upgrade tool and support business online upgrade. Currently, only the gray upgrade from version 1.1.0 to 2.0.0 is supported.

  • Backup machine IO write amplification optimization

    Optimize the IO of the standby machine, smooth the IO volume of the standby machine checkpoint brushing, and solve the problem that the large amount of standby machine IO affects the query performance.

  • WDR diagnostic report adds database operation indicators

    Adds four database running metrics: Effective CPU, WalWrite NoWait, Soft Parse, and Non-Parse CPU.

  • Features of the Data Studio client tool

    Data Studio supports multiple features of the openGauss kernel. The details are as follows:

    • The pldebugger debugging function is added.

    • The rollback of the pldebugger debugging function is added. Before using Data Studio for debugging, add an option to ensure that the debugging function is rolled back after data is modified.

    • The XML and serial types are supported. Columns are added to the table. The column type can be XML or serial(big|normal|small).

    • Foreign table objects can be created and displayed in Data Studio.

    • The partial_cluster_key constraint of column-store tables is supported.

    • Global temporary tables support DDL display and export.

    • The LOCAL and GLOBAL flags are supported when a partitioned table is created.

    • The MOT table is displayed.

Open governance, multiple partners to join the community, community organization structure is more perfect

Beijing Chaotu Software Co., Ltd., Beijing Youxuan Software Co., Ltd., Beijing fast Cube Technology Co., Ltd. and other companies have signed CLA, officially joined openGauss community, and more and more forces have joined in community construction.

So far, openGauss has set up 11 special interest groups (SIG) including OM, in place update, IOT, AI, etc., including massive data, cloud, enmo, industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Tsinghua University and other organizations, initiated or participated in the sig groups of the community, leading the members to expand the technical direction, contribute new features, and realize the next version of technical planning. At the same time, the Community Technical Committee has also started to operate, and the openGauss community open governance framework is becoming more and more perfect.

After more than half a year of development and precipitation, openGauss has entered a period of rapid growth in terms of technology evolution, community ecological establishment and business landing. In the future, openGauss will continue to build more competitiveness around customer scenarios and needs, and build an enterprise level database open source community.

Thanks to openGauss community contributors, let's build a warm community together

(the following list comes from the gitee account of the community developer in no particular order)

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